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Protective Face Visor

Protective Face Visor


It's essential to keep ourselves protected from the virus at this time, that's especially important if you're a key worker or likely to come into contact with several people during the day. 


The full face protection will keep you shielded from airborne droplets and the adjustable sponge headband will ensure a comfortable fit even when used for prolonged periods. 



  • Conforms to EN 166/2001, related to CE Directive R 2016/425 (PPE).
  • Lightweight, transparent and disposable head mounted splash barrier.
  • Designed to protect against secretion and droplet infection for face, eyes, nose and lips.
  • Air flow avoids retrograde infection.
  • Easy clean.
  • Anti-fog.
  • Sponge and elasticated headband for comfortable but firm fit.
  • Disclaimer: Designed to be used in conjunction with PPE by healthcare workers. We make no assurances that this shield can prevent the transmission or infection of disease or viruses.
  • Non-returnable.


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